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Core service

Fractional Strategic Advisement

Need a strategic growth partner for your startup? I got you! With my unique blend of product, design, and go-to-market experience, I'll help you analyze your growth loops to create a clear cross-functional vision, and actionable roadmap. I'm here to guide your journey into PLG and refinement beyond.

Key benefits & deliverables:
  • 40-60hrs/month on retainer
  • 1-month minimum

Core service

Staff Augmentation

Key benefits:
  • All services listed in Strategic Advisement + implementation
  • Embedded with your team, working cross-functionally with product, design, engineering and marketing for implementation
  • Includes delivery of detailed product requirement docs, product design mockups, and content design
  • Fulltime on retainer
  • 2-month minimum

a la carte service

Onboarding Audit

$2.5k USD  /  1-2 week delivery

Key questions I'll answer:
  • How do users onboard into the software service currently?
  • Are baseline SaaS industry standards being met -- if not, where are the gaps?
  • Furthermore, what friction can be removed to make onboarding easier and more intuitive?
Case Study: Mercury Bank (B2B)
a la carte service

Aha! Moment Analysis

$3k USD  /  2-3 week delivery

Key questions I'll answer:

  • Do users understand your product's value quickly and thoroughly?
  • Are end users (not buyers) understanding your value propositions?
  • Are there well-timed educational experiences to help users comprehend when and why to use it? If not, where/how can can you improve?

a la carte service

Engagement Mapping

$3.5k USD  /  3-4 weeks

Key questions I'll answer:
  • What're the comprehensive engagement touchpoints from your product (e.g. notifications, emails, etc.)? Do these all make sense? Are they coordinated?
  • How can your application create intuitive engagement loops that bring users back into the system, thereby showcasing value repeatedly?
  • How can your software provide data moats against incumbent or competitor processes/services?

a la carte service

Reactivation Strategy

$2.5k USD  /  1-2 weeks

Key questions I'll answer:
  • How can the team programmatically reactivate voluntary and involuntary dormant users?
  • What are typical outreach strategies that have high success rates for your industry?
  • Is there low-hanging fruit for high-value re-engagement?


Looking for something else?

I'm open to custom projects, outside of of these design services. Email me to describe exactly what I can help you with.

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